Exercise sheets for maintaining joint function

The importance of physical exercise for osteoarthritis:

Physical exercises are very important in osteoarthritis, both to maintain physical fitness and to fight against joint instability.
Incipient osteoarthritis is responsible for pain, discomfort, stiffness and / or deformation of your joints.
In the event of established osteoarthritis, the latter is responsible for chronic pain, stiffness, deformation of joints and / or disability.
Improving your situation also depends on you.
Indeed, in addition to any drugs that have been prescribed by your doctor, you also need to learn to practice appropriate activities.
The following exercise sheets show suitable exercises adapted to the severity of your osteoarthritis. They will allow you to specifically strengthen the muscles around your joints.

These are simply suggestions for exercises that are simple to do. They require no equipment and are organised into three parts, wherever possible: exercises to gain relief, strengthen muscles and stretching movements.

These exercises need to be done with some common sense rules such as preparing for them, breathing during the exercises, not forcing joints, respecting the pause time, gradually increasing the number of sets and so on. We hope that the use of these information sheets will help you make physical activity a lasting experience adapted to your illness.

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