The benefits of exercise for osteoporosis and osteoarthritis

…in osteoporosis?

benefices de l'activité physique pour l'ostéoporose.

In general, it is always beneficial to actively exercise all of your skeleton to prevent bone loss. The exercises recommended for preventing osteoporosis include:

  • weight bearing exercises for the skeleton by walking, low impact aerobics, dance;
  • exercises against resistance such as stretching.

However, for people already affected by the disease some exercises should be avoided: jumping, bending down without bending the knees, wearing weights etc. It is important to contact your doctor to find out which movements are recommended and which ones are banned.

…in osteoarthritis?

benefices de l'activité physique pour l'arthrose.

It is important to regularly use your joints to maintain mobility and muscle tone. For this, the recommendations consist of:

  • doing a physical activity which helps to control weight and contributes to your general well-being;
  • flexibility exercises such as swimming and walking.

However, it is important not to overload the joints by making them work too hard or for too long. Be aware that any activity that causes pain lasting more than an hour after exercising is probably a sign of overuse of the joint.