What are the risk factors ...

… of osteoporosis?

osteoporose les facteurs de risque

  • 1. Gender: women are more exposed than men to osteoporosis
  • 2. Age: older people and especially women because of the loss of oestrogen protection which disappears after the menopause
  • 3. Heredity
  • 4. Smoking 
  • 5. Excessive consumption of alcohol
  • 6. Being underweight.
  • 7. A lack of physical activity
  • 8. Insufficient sunshine: it can cause a deficiency in vitamin D. Remember that the sun's ultraviolet rays enable the synthesis of vitamin D in the skin. Vitamin D promotes calcium absorption by the gastrointestinal tract.
  • 9. Hormonal factors: the lack of oestrogen after the menopause
  • 10. Taking certain medications: there are treatments that promote the occurrence of osteoporosis

    Sources : le GRIO http://www.grio.org/

    … of osteoarthritis?

    The risk of developing osteoarthritis increases primarily based on factors that promote the wear of the joints:

    • 1. Gender: Women especially after the menopause are more prone to osteoarthritis
    • 2. Inappropriate physical exercise. Overworking the joints, in particular, by too intensive sports training or repetitive movements at work are likely to lead to osteoarthritis.
    • 3. microtrauma : Microscopic lesions, due to too much stress, can cause trauma to the joints and are likely to lead to osteoarthritis.
    • 4. Excess weight : This causes extra work for the joints
    • 5. Congenital anomalies : Congenital dislocation of the hip
    • 6. Genetic defects affecting the structure of cartilage : To learn more about the formation mechanisms of osteoarthritic lesions, take a look at the section on "Understanding."