Treatments for osteoporosis and osteoarthritis

…for osteoporosis?

osteoporose différence os malade

There are treatments to slow down bone resorption. They act on the bone matrix and can prevent fractures by allowing the bone to maintain its strength.

But the best way is prevention.

Example of the main treatments:

  • bisphosphonates that can inhibit the bone destruction mechanism;
  • an optimal treatment of osteoporosis, whatever used, also requires an intake of calcium and vitamin D in patients who are deficient in these.
  • the use of analgesics that can relieve pain is a symptomatic treatment;
  • adequate physical activity.

…of osteoarthritis?

They are both medicated and non-medicated.

Pain often predominates, analgesics are the first drug tried. This is a symptomatic treatment.

  • Classic anti-steroidal and "new generation" anti-inflammatory drugs are also prescribed.
  • Intra-articular injections of corticosteroids or a viscous liquid mimicking synovial fluid (viscosupplementation) can also be considered. The aim is thus to reduce pain and/or promote greater mobility in movements.
  • To maintain range of motion, moderate physical activity it is recommended.
  • Rest is beneficial during the phases of evolutionary flare-ups.
  • It seems legitimate to propose symptomatic slow-acting drugs.
  • Surgical procedures can be proposed to replace the irreparably damaged joints.

For more information on treatments for osteoarthritis, take a look at the section on "Treatments".