Symptomatic slow-acting drugs (SYSADOAs)

What are they used for?

Symptomatic slow-acting drugs or SYSADOAs are drugs used specifically in osteoarthritis. They have the ability to reduce the intensity of pain. Their effectiveness on painful symptoms has been proven in osteoarthritis of the hips and knees.

How are they used?

Several drugs are currently available, including avocado and soya bean unsaponifiables and other compounds extracted from cartilage.

They all have a delayed action. It is therefore important to take them continuously for a few weeks before being able to appreciate their benefits. Their effectiveness persists for several weeks after stopping the treatment.

What precautions need to be taken?

Symptomatic slow-acting drugs (SYSADOAs)

These treatments are generally very well tolerated and have few disadvantages.

In case of painful osteoarthritis when starting the treatment, continue to take analgesics and/or NSAIDs and do not stop taking these drugs after a few days but continue for a few weeks to judge their effectiveness. Symptomatic slow-acting drugs should only be taken with a medical prescription: talk to your doctor about them first.