Orthopaedic insoles

Orthopaedic insoles for oesteoarthritis

Orthopaedic insoles can be beneficial in relieving osteoarthritic pain in the knee, foot, ankles and hip. They help absorb shock and reduce stress to the cartilage. These insoles are made to measure from a podiatrist.

For a patient with osteoarthritis of the knee, there are visco-elastic insoles which can absorb some of the shock waves transmitted to the defective joint and reduce overall stress exerted on this joint. Indeed, in the presence of knee osteoarthritis, your doctor will look for a posture defect (static) of your foot. Hence, these insoles may be effective when osteoarthritis affects the inside of the knee. They help relieve some of the stresses exerted during walking by changing the axis of the leg.

These visco-elastic insoles can also be recommended for osteoarthritis of the hip for people who are still very active.