Hand osteoarthritis: Equipment

Hands: Equipment

The use of certain types of medical equipment in your daily life, can provide additional comfort in your activities. It can reduce your pain and relieve some of your joints, including those of your hand.


However, before using anything, you should talk to your doctor. He or she is the best person to guide you and advise you on its usefulness in the care of your osteoarthritis.


According to the model, orthotics are aimed at immobilising, supporting or partially correcting the movement of a joint. Thus, they help to guard against instability and enable resting the joint to reduce the excessive stress that can cause osteoarthritis.

There are currently two types of orthotics:

Simple braces are used in the treatment of osteoarthritis of the knee and fingers. They do not allow straightening the joint, but provide stabilisation of the joint and can provide relief. Thus, they can be useful for people who are inoperable and who suffer from severe osteoarthritis.

Rest or immobilisation splints used for the wrist and especially the hand (osteoarthritis of the fingers and rhizarthrosis) enable placing the joint in a position that relieves stress and guards against deformity. They seem to bring real benefits as 40% of patients using a hand orthosis wears it for another 5 years after the prescription.


Thermal compresses are generally used for temporary or daily pain relief.


Depending on the model, they allow applying heat or cold to painful areas. Thermal compresses are closed pouches filled with a gelatinous product capable of absorbing heat and cold and quickly and releasing it onto the painful joint for an hour.


These thermal compresses can be purchased in pharmacies or shops selling medical and paramedical supplies. (Non-refundable and reusable).


They have no curative effect in the treatment of osteoarthritis. However, applying them is likely to temporarily relieve a certain amount of osteoarthritic pain.