Hip osteoarthritis: Equipment

Hip: Equipment

The use of certain types of medical equipment in your daily life, can provide additional comfort in your activities. It can reduce your pain and relieve some of your joints, including your hip.


However, before using anything, you should talk to your doctor. He or she is the best person to guide you and advise you on its usefulness in the care of your osteoarthritis.


Thermal compresses are generally used for temporary or daily pain relief.


Depending on the model, they allow applying heat or cold to painful areas. Thermal compresses are closed pouches filled with a gelatinous product capable of absorbing heat and cold and quickly and releasing it onto the painful joint for an hour.


These thermal compresses can be purchased in pharmacies or shops selling medical and paramedical supplies. (Non-refundable and reusable).


They have no curative effect in the treatment of osteoarthritis. However, applying them is likely to temporarily relieve a certain amount of osteoarthritic pain.


In the case of osteoarthritis of the hip, the use of a cane or crutch carried on the opposite side to the affected joint while you are out and about can have a beneficial effect on osteoarthritic pain and preventing the deterioration of your joints.


They enable unloading body weight while walking: the joints bear less weight reducing the constraints which helps prevent further damage to lesions and thus reduce pain after exertion.



Orthopaedic insoles can be beneficial in relieving osteoarthritic pain in the knee, foot, ankles and hip. They help absorb shock and reduce stress to the cartilage. These insoles are made to measure from a podiatrist.

Visco-elastic insoles can also be recommended for osteoarthritis of the hip for people who are still very active. They can absorb some of the shock waves transmitted to the defective joint and reduce overall stress exerted on this joint.