Shoulder osteoarthritis: Equipment

Shoulder: Equipment

There is no specific equipment for the shoulder, only custom-made devices prescribed by an orthopaedist.

Some orthotics sold in pharmacies can provide flexibility in actions of everyday life.


ou can also use thermal compresses to relieve your pain.



Thermal compresses

Thermal compresses are generally used for temporary or daily pain relief.

Depending on the model, they allow applying heat or cold to painful areas. Thermal compresses are closed pouches filled with a gelatinous product capable of absorbing heat and cold and quickly and releasing it onto the painful joint for an hour.

These thermal compresses can be purchased in pharmacies or shops selling medical and paramedical supplies. (Non-refundable and reusable).

They have no curative effect in the treatment of osteoarthritis. However, applying them is likely to temporarily relieve a certain amount of osteoarthritic pain.